How to Build an Online Business with 45 Employees (in 3 Years) with Casey Gauss


Do you want to build an online business?

Do you know anyone who’s made it big?

In the latest episode of Future Skills, we talk to my friend Casey Gauss, founder & CEO of Viral Launch, which have helped Amazon sellers do more than 30,000 product launches. Consider this a case study from someone young and smart who has all of the experience fresh in mind.

Casey has grown Viral Launch from 1 to 45 employees in 3 years. The company was built off the back of an email list promoting products to Amazon sellers and has now morphed into a fast-growing SAS company.

When I first met Casey, he was already doing well. But just 1-1,5 years before that, he was in a really bad situation…

He’d dropped out of college (which he was at thanks to a scholarship on running track) and was dirt-poor; living on the paychecks from his little brother’s pizza-delivery job.

In this discussion we hear all about Casey’s backstory and he takes us through the events that transpired over the past 3 years as he’s been able to build an awesome team and continues to grow the business.

If there’s just 1 big thing you take away from the talk, it is caring.

It brings to mind something Ray Kroc said. Something like this: If you CARE about your customers, you might figure out a way to improve their basement.

It’s easy to lose sight of what matters in business. But as Casey suggests, it comes down to asking yourself: “Who did I help today?”


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